Quickly boost your application performance and reduce infrastructure costs while
always delivering the best experience to your users.


Automatically re-route your traffic to a healthy server or cloud to ensure optimal uptime

GEO Proximity

Reduce latency by automatically routing your traffic to the server closest to your users

Multi-CDN & Cloud

Use real-time RUM data from billions of benchmarks to load-balance your traffic between multiple CDNs and cloud services

Code Defined Routing

Write your own cloud router logic using JavaScript which is executed on every request giving you full control over your traffic


Makes it easy to build your own logic using our simple to use interface.

Uptime monitoring

Monitor the uptime of your servers and services and connect them with FlexBalancer for enhanced failover and uptime.

Smart Routing

Intelligent traffic routing that makes decisions in real time based on RUM metrics or any other custom parameters.
Core Features

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Analyze the performance and availability of your CDN, DNS or FlexBalancer in full detail.
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Continuous Monitoring

Use our RUM platform to monitor your own infrastructure like custom CDN or DNS.
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Network Tests on Demand

Debug and benchmark services using our network of global servers to run commands such as traceroute and curl.
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Raw Logs

We provide Raw Logs for all of our services including RUM benchmarks, DNS tests and FlexBalancer decisions via our UI and API.
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Create alerts on top of our RUM and Synthetic data to get notified in case of availability or performance degradation.
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PDF Reports

Schedule custom whitelabel PDF reports to share with your operations, sales and marketing teams.
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