Custom Code Load Balancing - Multiple Use Cases

Explore PerfOps Custom Answers Wiki and find the most suitable solution

Sometimes you want to set different TTL (time-to-live) for different answers, or determine the answer based on a specific combination of several conditions (CDN Uptime, Performance), or you simply want to use very different logic for different visitor locations - all that cases can easily be solved using PerfOps Custom code type FlexBalancer.

We have created Custom Code FlexBalancers Wiki and we hope it will simplify your familiarization with that type of FlexBalancers.  

Some cases are pretty simple:

  • Provider Availability with Weights. A customer uses 2+ CDN providers. A visitor is directed to the CDN that is available at a given point in time. If both CDNs are available the decision is based on weight. 
  • Availability based on Monitor Uptime. A customer uses 2+ nodes, monitored by PerfOps Monitoring Feature. A visitor is directed to the node that has the best Monitor Uptime at a given point in time. If both Monitors are down returns random answer.
  • The specific answer for the specific region. A customer has different CDN provider for each continent and needs to set corresponding answer or fallback if continent is not determined.

Another cases are more complicated:

Feel free to explore our Custom Balancers API and experiment with a code the way you like!