PerfOps API

Use PerfOps API at your projects

Most of the data PerfOps provides and all PerfOps Network Tools can be accessed via PerfOps API. We provide a RESTful API that is based on HTTPS requests & JSON responses. The Swagger UI based documentation with examples allows you to test our API easily.

If you are registered PerfOps user, you can use your personal API key(token), that can be found at the Settings page or our Panel.


You can paste your token at the authorization popup window:



Unauthorized usage is limited (10 node endpoint requests per hour, various data limitations).

Available API sections:

  • node - allows you to interact with our network of servers around the world using MTR, Traceroute, Ping and other tools with provided targets.
  • dns - provides analytics (includes raw-logs) and lists related to DNS data.
  • cdn - provides analytics (includes raw-logs) and lists related to CDN data.
  • FlexBalancer - provides your FlexBalancers data and raw-logs.
  • cloud-provider - provides analytics (includes raw-logs) and lists related to Cloud Provider data.

Important! Usage of Network Tools related endpoints (Traceroute, Curl, MTR, Ping, Latency DNS resolve and DNS-perf) with your personal token will consume your API credits, so use it wisely.