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PerfOps Changelog: US States, Real-time and better PDFs

CDN data per US state

You now have the option to group CDN data by USA states and analyze the performance of CDN providers or your own custom infrastructure in USA in much higher detail. Combine your findings with our networking tools to run tests from USA on-demand and fix your performance issues.

Real-time data

You can now enable auto-updates of the panel every 60 seconds to monitor the performance in real-time. For example during updates to your backend to see the impact your changes are having live.

PDF reports cut into A4 pages

Our PDF reports are now sized correctly into separate A4 pages for easy printing and reporting inside big companies.

Raw Logs server pagination

We improved the raw logs pagination logic which is now handled by the backend for better performance.

ASN to ISP in logs

We now automatically convert ASNs to real ISP names for better usability.

Stay tuned for more updates!