About Us

PerfOps is a data analytics platform that simplifies global traffic management.

Our big data platform ingest billions of metrics from hundreds of locations around the world, than processes that data and streams it to our dashboard or customer endpoint, all in real time.

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synthetic benchmark nodes for DNS benchmarking and on-demand testing

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History of PerfOps

PerfOps was launched by a team of industry experts with years of experience building global networks and highly distributed applications. In August, 2021, PerfOps was acquired by Tiggee, LLC and our projects include: DNS Made Easy, Constellix, DNSPerf, CloudPerf and CDNPerf. These DNS, Cloud and CDN performance management and benchmarking services are used by thousands of companies around the world. DNSPerf, CloudPerf and CDNPerf, the DNS, Cloud and CDN performance benchmarking services used by thousands of companies around the world.

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