Simple and Affordable Load-Balancing


For small to medium sized businesses and projects
100 Million Monthly Requests
Create your first FlexBalancer
  • 3 FlexBalancer App
    + extra $10/month app
  • 2 Health Check Monitors
    + extra $5/month monitor
  • Smart UI
  • JS Custom Routing
  • Live Chat Support


  • Limited Access to Analytics
  • Last 30 Days Range
  • 1 Day Min Interval
  • Full API Access
  • Raw Logs in UI and API
  • 500 Test Credits
  • 5 Alerts


Unlimited and custom plans tailored just for you
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Unlimited Requests
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  • Personalized Solutions
  • Full Platform Access
  • Priority 24/7 Live Chat + Phone Support
  • Migration Solutions


  • Full Analytics Access
  • Full Historic Data access
  • 1 Second Min Interval
  • Full API Access
  • Raw Logs in UI and API
  • Unlimited Test
  • Unlimited Alerts
  • PDF Reports
  • Stream Raw Logs
  • Integration Help
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Data Per Nameserver

Available Add-Ons

Load Balancing Extras:

FlexBalancer Apps


per month per App

Synthetic Uptime Monitoring


per Endpoint
Prices do not include VAT.

On-Demand Test Credits

Run even more network tests to improve your routing and debug your internet infrastructure.
Test Credits pack


per pack
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Test Credits pack


per pack
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Test Credits pack


per pack
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Test Credits pack


per pack
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Prices do not include VAT.

Custom Solutions

Synthetic DNS Testing
Continuous testing of your DNS infrastructure from 250+ locations 24/7
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Monitor Custom Endpoints
Test you CDN or Cloud with billions of Real-User-Requests every second from all over the world
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Free services for open source projects and non-profits

Get in contact if you need load-balancing services, network testing or access to our data. We are also happy to help small startups.
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Can I change my plan?
Buying additional apps and monitors can easily be done in our control panel. To upgrade your free plan to a custom one you need to talk to our support via live chat.
What payment methods do you offer?
We accept all major credit cards including Visa and Mastercard, as well as SWIFT and SEPA bank transfers.
Do I need to pay VAT?
Price is VAT exclusive. A purchase might be subject to VAT, depending on the country in which you’re set up as a business. If you are unsure, if VAT liability applies to you, please contact an accountant or legal advisor.
Do you offer yearly plans?
We absolutely do, all custom plans have the option to pre-pay for a year upfront and recieve a discount on the total amount. Contact our support to learn more.