PerfOps Order Terms

These Order Terms are between Tiggee LLC, a Virgina entity ("PerfOps") and Customer. The Order Terms are governed by the Master Services Agreement, available at (the "Agreement"). By accepting these Order Terms, Customer also accepts the terms of the Agreement, of which these Order Terms are part. All references to DigiCert, Inc. in the Agreement are deemed references to PerfOps with respect to the Services purchases hereunder. "Customer" means you and any entity, business, or individual on whose behalf you are accessing or using the Services.

  1. Services. PerfOps offers authoritative DNS hosting, web optimization, DNS and CDN network analytics, and related services (the "Services") by way of a Portal.
  2. Purchases. The pricing and Service Term for every purchase of PerfOps-branded Services by Customer from PerfOps is set forth at, as updated from time to time (the "Price Sheet") and as reflected in Customer's Portal Account. Notwithstanding the prior sentence, if Customer receives a custom quote for the Services, the pricing for such purchase will be as set forth in the quote, which constitutes a Price Sheet for the purpose of these Order Terms. The Price Sheet and Customer's Portal Account set forth Customer's entitlement to purchased Services during each stated period, including Customer's maximum entitlement to queries and records over the stated period. If Customer exceeds its entitlement to the Services, Customer will owe a Usage Fee to PerfOps in the per-unit amounts set forth on the Pricing Sheet and in Customer's Portal Account. The "Usage Fee" is calculated by the Customer's excess use over entitlement times the amount set forth on the Price Sheet for that additional usage.
  3. Privacy Policy and Guidelines. The Privacy Policy applicable to the Services is set forth at, together with the Technical & Organizational Measures available at, each as updated from time to time.
  4. Miscellaneous. The terms of the Order Terms, including the Agreement, supersede all prior and contemporaneous discussions or agreements as to the subject matter hereof. The Order Terms may only be modified with a mutually signed writing expressly referring to the terms of the Order Terms. If there is a conflict between the terms hereunder and the terms of the Agreement, the terms hereunder control.