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PerfOps vs. CDNPerf: Which Service is Right for You?

No matter which one you choose, all PerfOps products are about the data. We’re committed to providing high-value DNS, CDN, and Cloud analytics for providers and businesses. The data derived from our analytics software is the most accurate and robust DNS, CDN, and Cloud data in the world.

Rest assured, as far as providers go, there are no “red-headed stepchildren” here. No bias. No number skewing. The data is what the data is. Pure and simple.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk products. In this blog, we’ll be covering the differences between PerfOps premium vs our free product, CDNPerf.

Which Product Do I Need?: PerfOps or CDNPerf?

Because we offer a free version of our product, many people ask us what the difference is between the two and why they would pay for the premium version if speed and uptime history is free. The answer is simple:

More data, more options, more power.

PerfOps’ premium services are geared toward CDN providers or enterprise-level organizations that operate on their own networks, though the services are available to anyone. PerfOps also offers unparalleled troubleshooting tools that help pinpoint network issues. Users can quickly identify problems and finetune their traffic for faster, more efficient routing. CDNPerf, on the other hand, is frequently used by businesses that do not run on their own infrastructure and are shopping for providers or who are wanting to monitor the performance of their current provider(s). It’s perfect for users that don’t require detailed network data and only need to compare providers.

PerfOps Premium vs. CDNPerf

Both products gather data and measure CDN performance, and they both offer useful insights into how a CDN is behaving. Depending on your unique requirements will ultimately determine which product is best for you.

That said, there are some notable differences between the two. Check out the table below and compare the features for yourself.



Provider comparisons




Custom + last 30 or 7 days, last 48 or 24 hours, last 60 minutes

Last 10 days


World, continent, country, state, city, ASN, ISP

World, continent, or country

Group by:

Data sources, continents, countries, US States, cities, ASN, ISP



Mean, Median, Percentile 75, Percentile 90, Percentile 95


Nameserver view



Raw Data Logs




Performance, uptime, quality

Performance, uptime

Data Sources

CDN providers, DNS providers, DNS resolvers, Cloud Providers

CDN providers


Latency benchmark, Network utilities (traceroute, ping, Mtr, DNS resolve, Curl), DNS propagation)

CDN latency test, CDN pricing calculator

Customized Reports

Yes (PDF), scheduled reports (weekly or monthly)


The Power Is in the Data

There you have it! The difference between PerfOps premium and CDNPerf boils down to more advanced and powerful features, including troubleshooting capabilities, as well as more customizable options. To ensure your CDN service provides the ultimate experience, monitoring performance is key. The same goes for domain owners shopping for providers. That’s why we offer a free and premium version—everyone deserves raw, unbiased data!