Real User Metrics powered by Real Users

With Real User Monitoring you gain a more accurate and real-time view into the performance of your services as experienced by actual users

What is Real User Monitoring?

Real User Monitoring or RUM are measurements taken by real users. One method which RUM can be deployed is by inserting a lightweight snippet of code (or tag) into a website and when someone visits the site, the code is executed in the background and benchmarks are taken directly from the users’ browser or device. At PerfOps, we use this method and to avoid any interference to the users’ experience, our tag only runs after the webpage or app has finished loading. To ensure fairness and more reliable data, every performance test takes an equal number of benchmarks from each provider.

Benefits of RUM

No CDN or Cloud Provider can perform the best in every region all of the time. Using multiple CDN’s which leverage RUM data is one way to accurately measure application delivery performance across all regions.

Join the Community

Our growing community plays an important role in helping us collect RUM benchmarks. You can help contribute to our community-sourced data by adding our RUM tag to your website or application.
Simply include this code on your website.

Become a Partner and Monetize your Traffic

If you have a high traffic website or application and would like to learn how to become an official PerfOps Partner, please contact us using the form below.
Together with our community and partners, we collect billions of benchmarks from real users allowing you to accurately measure and compare the worlds leading CDN & Cloud providers.