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PerfOps Announces FlexBalancers - Smart traffic routing

When we started working on our data platform to measure the performance of DNS and CDN providers we knew that we had a lot of valuable data. The challenge was to take full advantage of that data and allow easy integration and detailed analysis.

To achieve this, we built a robust API which provides access to our full feature stack. Later we added raw logs in our UI and raw log streaming that allows our users to receive benchmark data into their S3 bucket or any other endpoint or format of their choosing.

The next step was to make the data actionable. This was solved by Alerts, which allow you to easily create rules and receive a notification when certain conditions are met.

Our users wanted a way to visualize their data on a regular basis which led to the creation of Reports. Now teams across operations, sales and marketing can easily schedule their own white labeled PDF reports which will arrive in their mailbox every week with performance and uptime results for the selected date-range and locations.

Now is the time to evolve PerfOps into something bigger, that’s why we are happy to announce the launch of our new product called PerfOps FlexBalancer.

A FlexBalancer is a cloud based smart traffic router. It’s a DNS based flexible load-balancer and is able to route any kind of internet traffic based on your custom rules.

And most important its fully integrated with our data platform!

All of our performance and uptime data is available to each FlexBalancer and you are able to configure your rules to use this data to make more intelligent decisions in real-time.

FlexBalancer Control Panel

To get started, simply create a FlexBalancer in your control panel and you will receive your own hostname. All traffic sent to that hostname will get evaluated in real-time for each request and receive a response in milliseconds.

You can use it as is or create a CNAME record to point to it your website, API, CDN or anything else really. We do not require you to change your DNS provider and it will work correctly with any kind of DNS infrastructure.

This also means that it takes only a few minutes to enable a FlexBalancer in your system and start routing traffic!

But what can you do with FlexBalancers?

You can configure simple rules such as GEO based load-balancing. You can use Continents, Regions, Countries, US States, Cities and ASNs as a location to route your traffic based on the location of the DNS request. Want to make sure that a EU hosting provider gets all EU requests? It will take only a few minutes to configure the rules.

FlexBalancer allows you to easily setup a Multi-CDN and Multi-Cloud architecture. Create an answer for each of your CDN providers and associate them with our data. We will then intelligently respond to each request with the best CDN provider for that specific request. We take into account the origin of the request and check our data to find out if there are any outages in that location. If not then we will sort the CDNs based on performance and respond with the fastest one. All of this happens in real-time within milliseconds!

We also support synthetic uptime monitoring of any kind of endpoint including HTTP, TCP and UDP. You can then associate these uptime monitors with your answers and ensure that we never serve an answer which correlates to an unavailable server or service.

Uptime monitoring that integrates with FlexBalancer

But we are not done. In addition to our Smart UI that you can use to build very advanced logic and rules we also support Custom Code.

When creating a Custom Code FlexBalancer you will be able to write your own javascript code and deploy it to our infrastructure, it will then run on every request and will give you full control to build your own custom and complex logic. You still get access to our data platform and synthetic monitoring however you are also able to pull in your own external data and use it as an additional parameter when deciding how to route a request!

Imagine knowing the CPU load of each of your servers and sending the requests only to servers that are loaded under 50%. Or pull the bandwidth usage of your servers and CDNs and remove them once they go above a limit effectively lowering your bill while ensuring optimal performance and uptime!

And this is only the beginning, we plan to continue to release new features and make the PerfOps FlexBalancer even more powerful!

Start testing it now! Our free plans never expire and include 100mil DNS requests every month!