Why Dorabase uses PerfOps

About Dorabase

Founded in 2008, Dorabase is one of Turkey's first data center operators. Today, Dorabase powers Turkey's leading companies with web performance and cloud security solutions. Dorabase clients include region's largest OTTs, online marketplaces, mobile gaming companies.

Why does Dorabase use PerfOps?

We routinely benchmark our performance data against other cloud companies.

The challenges we were encountering

PerfOps have peers in the industry that are "big names". We've learned over the years that level of care is a major issue when working with the big names. We wanted to partner with a start-up kind of a company so that we can work hand in hand, with close cooperation.

We needed a solution that was very simple, yet highly convincing. The fact that PerfOps relies on real-user measurement (RUM) data makes it unique.

We had to prove our case to potential customers that Dorabase was a real challenger to global CDNs. We needed an independent third-party, a jury to validate this claim. PerfOps' real-user measurement significantly helped us validate our claim.

Why did Dorabase choose PerfOps and did they help?

The main reason why we chose PerfOps was the ability to see CDN performance by country and performance by ASN. From another perspective, it was the value for money, agility, good relations, openness and sincere people in their team. In-depth reports made us decide to go ahead with PerfOps.
Dorabase Team

We now turn more free trials and PoCs into paying customers since we started to work with PerfOps. We've improved our customer acquisition rate by 25%.

The most important PerfOps features for Dorabase

Being able to see performance by ASN and ISP. We are now able to "speak with data". Data that is open and unbiased.

Different teams inside our organization use PerfOps. Our Marketing team uses PerfOps to benchmark our CDN's performance against the others. Our DevOps team uses PerfOps to check for areas of performance improvement.
Cem Ener - CSO
Core Features

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Analyze the performance and availability of your CDN or DNS in full detail.
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Continuous Monitoring

Use our RUM platform to monitor your own infrastructure like custom CDN or DNS.
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Network Tests on Demand

Debug and benchmark services using our network of global servers to run commands such as traceroute and curl.
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Raw Logs

We provide Raw Logs for all of our services including RUM benchmarks and DNS tests via our UI and API.
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Create alerts on top of our RUM and Synthetic data to get notified in case of availability or performance degradation.
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PDF Reports

Schedule custom whitelabel PDF reports to share with your operations, sales and marketing teams.
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